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In case you didn’t know, I play some Super Dungeon Tactics in my spare time. I was playing really heavily, and as I got farther in, I had questions. I researched hardcore on YouTube, and other locations for answers about loot, and what was coming next, etc. etc., to no avail!

So, I embarked on a journey to play through SDT on every mode, and commentate on what I think would be of interest to new players, and veteran players alike. Which brings me to this part of the Blog called Video R&D.

I did not R&D the first video, but the second video I decided to go ahead and discuss how to equip items, and where to look for what the item does for your character, and discuss WHY I chose the equipment for each character. I then went on to do the Training missions, which I noticed were skipped in a lot of play throughs, although they include semi-important consumable items for early-game characters.
The later half of the video was just about what you would expect from a novice YouTuber. I stuttered, I misclicked, and I forgot my voices for the characters! HAHA, it’s okay, though, I’ll get the hang of it.

I plan to release 2 play through videos a week, as well as 1 Wacky Combat video. On SDE-related topics, I will be posting 1 video every Saturday of Arcade play, and some demos of characters and abilities that you can utilize to get out of certain situations. These will all be fun, unscripted, and full of useful information, so I suggest you join my adventuring party!

If you haven’t seen any of my play throughs, I will go ahead and post the links here, so you can get caught up. Stay tuned for all my Video R&D posts, and keep up with all of my Super Dungeon Tactics adventures.
SDT Episode 1
SDT Episode 2

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