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First off, it is important to say that I am not endorsed by anyone. I am not affiliated with Soda Pop Miniatures or Ninja Division in any way. I am merely one guy who is passionate about spreading the knowledge of Super Dungeon Explore.

It is time to get serious. In this post, we are going to “explore” what exactly Super Dungeon Explore is, and why it should be your new favorite game.

What is Super Dungeon Explore (SDE)?
SDE is a tabletop board game, with elements of 80’s-style video game play. It has adorable, anime-based, chibi miniatures that face off in combat to prove who the most superior faction is. Very much like a video game, it is the players vs. the universe, and sometimes, if the players approach an enemy without being properly equipped, they can die and be forced to start over. It is possible to play SDE solo. The player can choose to play as 2 or more of the heroes, and play against the rules that the game has simply for Arcade mode. Or, the player can be the bad guys, and attempt to defeat the heroes (but in that case, you would want to make sure there are more heroes than two, just because you want a more challenging game as The Consul.) It also comes with a complete set of rules for Classic Mode, which is where one player takes over the task of controlling The Consul, while the other player(s) take up arms against him. In this scenario, the player who controls The Consul is more of a Dungeon Master, in my opinion. He chooses how hard to make it on any given party, or single adventurer, as well as deciding how close to place an enemy to prevent it from taking damage, and trying to set up an ambush. While both methods have their pros and cons, I personally prefer to play Classic Mode (and the rulebook also suggests it as the more “fun” way to play.)

How would you describe SDE?
There are several descriptions, and explanations of the game on multiple websites – with one of them being its creators, Soda Pop Miniatures:
“SDE is a fast paced, table-top strategy game for 2 or more players. Take the role of an intrepid band of heroes setting out for treasure and to rid the dungeon of its evil master. Or, set your defenses and throw your witless hordes into battle against the heroes and decorate your dark home with their well gnawed, albeit cute, bones.”

BoardGameGeek has described it as, “… a dungeon crawler inspired by old Japanese console RPGs.” They go on to explain that it is played on modular dungeon boards, and your ultimate goal is to defeat the opposing team (either the heroes or the Consul.)

Now, while I agree with BGG to an extent, I will say that I personally do not view SDE as a dungeon-crawling experience. I think of dungeon-crawling in the manner of how one would view Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, or Champions of Norrath, where you run through many dungeons, kill a lot of foes, hoard loot, and beat a final boss. SDE does have you run through dungeon tiles, slay enemies, and ultimately challenges the heroes with a final boss in a showdown. However, it has a tactical side to it. It is about the placement of your miniature, and the decision of which heroes to “activate” in a turn in order to combat the Consul effectively. It is not all about Hack&Slash, or speed. If the heroes choose an imbalanced party, they could lose relatively quickly, while in a dungeon-crawler, it is possible for almost everyone to be the same “role” of character, and the team will be more successful.

What do you love so much about SDE?
I really enjoy Dungeons and Dragons. While I have never really played Dungeons and Dragons with miniatures, SDE puts me in a “Dungeons and Dragons mood.” I really love the team vibe. I like getting a group of people together, sitting them down, and having them work together to achieve a goal. Yes, SDE can take a while to play. The box boasts a 90-120 minute play time, but in reality it can take 3+ hours to get through a dungeon successfully. That can be very upsetting to some, and if the heroes get all the way to the final boss and LOSE, then they feel like they wasted their time, while the Consul player is satisfied that he or she played the best they could and overcome them. In that scenario, the Consul player does not feel as if he or she wasted his or her time.

Sorry I got slightly off topic. Other than the team factor, and working together as opposed to against each other, like in a majority of board games that people sit and play together, I truly enjoy the “One of” concept. Unlike a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, there is not really any recursion. There is no further goal than beating the dungeon boss. If you are someone who cannot fully commit to some vast campaign-like game every weekend, or some League play of another miniatures game due to time constraints, then SDE is a good option. I am sure there are other games out there with similar objectives and methods, but SDE is the one I have chosen, and I am sticking with it.

Why YOU should be playing SDE!
All this talk about what SDE is, and how I think it is great, but maybe you are still not convinced. You are probably thinking, “Why should I play this game? What is truly so great about it?”
Super Dungeon Explore is produced by a great company. They are a small team, who truly cares about the quality of the product they are distributing. There has been some serious confusion and turmoil surrounding their most recent Kickstarter campaign. It is over a year late, and they are projecting the beginning of distribution will start in April 2018.Kickstarter Update

Now, despite that lateness, they are still committed to turning out a great product. Among the amount of Kickstarter backers that have jumped ship, and people that do not believe they are worth buying from, they press on.

YOU SHOULD BE PLAYING SDE, because of the people that make it so you are able to play it! Support them. Soda Pop might have other products, and make money doing other things, but SDE needs to be at the forefront of tabletop games. It should be carried on every Local Game Store shelf, even if it is just as a free demo copy. It is a fun game, you probably have never heard of it, and it deserves your attention. By picking up a copy, and supporting the small community of players, you will find that it is an addictive game, and you will more than likely play solo Arcade Mode, just like the rest of us. =p

For more information regarding the Kickstarter, Soda Pop Miniatures, and SDE as a whole, go check out the forums. Become active in the community.
Soda Pop Forum

Thanks for joining me on my quest! If you have any comments, questions, or concerns – please drop them below. If you have any requests for future blog post information, I am all ears, and that can be dropped below as well. Make sure to subscribe to the Newsletter, so you can get content that is not posted on the website regarding SDE!!


“Join the party – Get the loot.”

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