Greetings, Adventurers!

Today, I will be discussing the thought process behind my Wacky Combat video “Punched to Death.”

Since it is still early in the game, I could not think of a very challenging scenario, so I decided to go a semi-humorous route. I did the “Farmers Strike Back” mini-mission, and I used the Rogue with no gear, so that everyone had to punch the enemies to death.

It went well. I made a few “farmer placement errors,” but in the end, it came together quite nicely. I had the pesky problem of rolling a ton of skulls, so a lot of my farmers became Juicy Targets and took quite a bit of damage. Since only three of my on-screen characters could attack, I sure was glad that I brought Diet Cola potions to heal them!

The old farmer in the mission who grants all the buffs was obviously a life saver. I could have used him for healing, and not brought the potions, but then I would have run the risk of the characters only doing 1 damage most of the time, which would not have always gotten through their shields. So, I was also glad to have him able to give my three attackers +2 attack often, which resulted in a swifter Wacky Combat video.

Considering that the enemies had sixteen attackers, and I had three, I would say that it was a decent challenge of tactical placement. While the skulls were plentiful, I rolled a fair number of Attack dice, and was able to deal two damage with at least two of my attackers almost every round. The skulls that were rolled were primarily placed on non-attacking units, which made them Juicy Targets, as I mentioned, and the enemies primarily went after them, so my damage-dealers did not have to worry as much about being chased around the screen.

All in all, it was a dance, and my Juicy farmers danced through the three of my attackers, followed swiftly by unsuspecting kobolds, and they were PUNCHED TO DEATH!

I hope you enjoy the video. We will be back with more Wacky Combat next Thursday. Until then, this is Super Dungeon Explorer reminding you to Join the Party, and Get the Loot!

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