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In the 3rd installment of my SDT play through, I go over some more equipping of loot to the new characters that join the party at the end of the second episode. Then, we jump right into the Training Mixed “mission.” It’s just a quick little helpful training mission that lets you go up against various ranged and melee targets, to practice your “tactical placement,” and get yourself some more consumables.

After slaying the hordes of training dummies, I head directly over to the “Farmers Strike Back” mini mission. In this mission, you are given five farmer characters. Two of them have the attack Paunch! which deals 1 damage, two others have Distraction, which places the status effect Slow on the enemy target, and there is one farmer who has four “boosts” that grant the recipient Hasten, Power, Shell, or Health.

There are only three characters on your team which can deal damage, while there are sixteen combatants for The Consul, essentially. It is a pretty balanced fight, as your buffing farmer can grant power to the two of the three attackers each round. As long as you keep the skulls off of him, and mostly off of your attackers, you will be alright. I chose to take the Barbarian as my one attacker, as she has high health, and deals a lot of damage. If given Shell by the buffing farmer, she is a serious force for the sixteen assailants, and almost always slays two enemies a turn, as long as they are spaced properly.

It can be a good idea to give skulls to your two Distraction farmers, as slow is not very important. This slight adjustment will have the kobolds go after them as much as possible, allowing you to stand them in squares that set up your future attacks. So, you can simply Juicy Target a farmer, stand him or her closer to enemies than others, and as they surround the Distracter, the next turn, just move him or her back and put your attackers around the enemies, and pick them off roughly 2-3 per turn. It does not always work, but you will see higher health on your attackers, and if your buffing farmer can focus on giving them power instead of health as often as possible, it is easy to make short work of the sixteen baddies on the screen.

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Thank you for checking into my blog. I hope that if you are playing SDT that you find the R&D helpful. I will see you for the next video!

This is SuperDungeonExplorer, reminding you to join the party, and get the loot!

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