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Before we get too far into the R&D, I should let you know that we are running a painting competition from March 17-March 31, 2018 over in the Discord server. Feel free to check it out here. Details will be posted Friday, February 16, 2018.

Today marks my fourth Super Dungeon Tactics video, and it is THE FIRST video that I have implemented my sweet new intro before the content! If you have not seen the intro, it is pretty basic, but effective. Hop on over to the video, give it a like for the intro, and tune in to the Behind the Rocks bounty and the story mission The Graveyard Shift!

Starting out, we have a fairly basic bounty, where our objective is to take out the kobold spawner inside the cave. Extremely straightforward tactics employed here, with a simple three-part party. We have our Barbarian for tank/melee, our Ranger for super-effective ranged attacks, to pick off the pesky enemy ranged units, and we have the Mage for sweet Area of Effect actions to get those nice, clumped up units that try to eat us.

I personally save the spawn point for very last, in an effort to get more loot. We did not have too many crazy dice assignments during our bounty, so that was lucky, as well.

After the bounty, I demonstrated a feature that I should have been showing all along, known as the loot tab. The loot tab tells us the amount and rarity of items that we are able to pillage from the dead bodies of our enemies. While it does not tell you exactly which items you get, later in the game it can be useful to know whether or not you should rummage through your equipment after each encounter. Since the game has just begun, and we have exceptionally basic gear, we always check our equipment before proceeding.

However, while on the subject, it could be of note to let you know that we looted the following:

1x bronze action gem

1x silver armor

1x gold armor

3x bronze trinkets

6x consumable items

A fairly decent haul for a mission that only took 9 minutes.

The Graveyard Shift is by far one of my favorite missions in the early game. It can take as long as you would like it to take, and you add the best healer in the game to your party!

The objective is to get the three injured farmers into the church, and all the while, skeletal foes rise from the ground with varying weapons that are similar to your own. It is like fighting an unrelenting assault of clones! With adequate gear, and a decent party assembly, you can very well stay in this mission for a half hour or better, just slaying bad guys and getting loot, while you put the first two farmers in the church, and station the last one by the door for when you are ready to end the mission.

I made some bad tactical decisions, probably due to lack of sleep. I almost lost a few of my party members, and I kept putting the characters with the wrong “roles” up front. Also, I did not have my healer nearby, as she was getting the farmers, and I should have given that job to someone with a higher move attribute. All in all, it was a successful mission, and we did it in about 26 minutes with zero hero deaths, and killed 51 enemy units.

And, for all of our hard work, we were rewarded with an upgraded backpack, as well as the following:

1x silver trinket

6x consumables

Not a good haul for the amount of stress and time put into the mission, but having a larger backpack will make a lot of things easier in the future.

If you have not seen the video, you can check it out on the youtube channel at the following link –


As always, don’t forget to join the party, and get the loot!


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