Greetings, Adventurers!

Today, we will be discussing that “wackiness” contained within my astounding new Thursday blockbuster.

Wacky Combat 2 – Random Shenanigans is as random as you can get when it comes to combat. I auto-assigned all the dice, and it came out relatively decent. The game gave me a second Cleric character, and wound up giving her some of the better dice over the Cleric that I actually took into combat.

I used the second Cleric to rescue villagers, and my team was obviously better at combat by the time I took on this challenge. They were taking out more enemies per turn, and keeping everyone safe. I wound up having extremely-good timing and killed the last enemy on screen before they respawned again, which presented me with an opportunity to end the round at a reasonable time, and duration.

There is not much to report. You will just have to check it out here. It is just a quick video, so you won’t be disappointed.

Join the Party! Get the Loot!

~ SDEx

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