Greetings, adventurers!

Today we will be going over the Tactics #5 video found here.

I got some new equipment for a few of my characters, so I made sure to get everyone geared up for the quest ahead, and away I went!

Edge of Town introduced us to a new enemy – the Dragonbone Gouger. He’s a pretty sturdy bad guy, so I made sure to focus those down as fast as I could, in order to focus on the lesser enemies. This mission is very straightforward – take out the Spawner. So, really I just killed everything as fast as I could and walked back to the spawner. The spawner did not spit out very many extra bad guys. It was 24 total enemies in 8 rounds. I felt really good about it, and nothing amazing happened.

So, after that I took my new gear from Edge of Town and tried my hand at Locked Up. Locked Up is a relatively simple mission designed to give you some good loot that is locked away in chests. I was unable to finish the mission this play through, but the chest contents are:

Top left – Blue Button x3

Top right – Red Button x3

Middle Left – Diet Potion x6

Center Top – Potion XL x3

Center Bottom – Sammiches x4

Bottom Left – Potion XL x3

Bottom Right – Diet Potion x6

However, I did not retrieve all the contents on this run. I have to do some more videos to get through with showing all the chest contents! Stay tuned for those! This mission is not difficult, and can either be used as an excuse to get the loot, or it can be used to slay the bad guys and see what items they drop, as there is a pretty decent mix of enemies!

Hope to see you on Tuesday for episode 6, and our R&D for that video! Until then, don’t forget to Join the Party, and Get the Loot!

~ SDEx

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