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If you are keeping track, you know I have discussed the Royal Paladin and Princess Malya in this video.

You know that I posted a lengthy in-depth analysis of Questing Knight and Von Wilding blog post the other day.

Heroes are what really attracts players to the game of Super Dungeon Explore, but for every player that wants to defeat the horrid monsters of The Consul, there is someone who thinks, “I can beat that hero with X creatures.” The Consul is powerful, because it draws strength from equally devious players. In the Monster Review series, I aim to help you gather your confidence and strive to take out the heroes by equipping you with valuable knowledge and strategies about The Consul!

This week, I bring you knowledge from beyond the grave. The Stilt Town Zombies Warband is a highly effective way to terrorize your would-be heroes. It comes with only one Elite monster, and one Mini-Boss, which means there are ten (10) Minion models that you can use. For today, we will focus on the Minions.

Prowlers, while limited to one (1) HP and one (1) ARM, are extremely annoying. Their three abilities allow them to be rather difficult to deal with. Grabby makes it so that adjacent heroes cannot move, while Stealth makes it so that heroes targeting them reduce their range by three (3) (so your ranged characters risk getting too close, and being Grabbed by other zombies). And, since the heroes are getting so close to your zombies, we might as well touch on the fact that Mob makes them stronger by allowing them +1B STR for every other monster model that is within melee range of their target (with a maximum of +3B)!

That means, you can run a Prowler over to a hero, and then follow him with any number of your other nine (9) minions, to give all of the surrounding zombies +1-3B to attack the trapped hero (depending on how many you get in the surround). With all of the minions in Stilt Town having the Grabby ability, that makes for some rough escapes, sometimes having to deal with more than 4 minions to get away, while they just all respawn and continue the unrelenting assault on that hero. It is especially effective against a ranged attacker. If you can get them within melee range, it is quite possible to kill them. Let’s get on with the review of the minions, though!

House rule Side note – If you feel like you want to challenge your heroes, and you play often, you may consider letting some of your Swampie models represent ADDITIONAL prowlers, to get a little more movement out of them, as well as reaping the benefits of Grabby more often, and also to allow more heals to the Shamble Priest – discussed below. Perhaps consider a 4/4 split, rather than 2/6, and just be sure to mark which ones are which, if that is something you choose to do.

So, we have a minion with eight (8) movement points who can chase down heroes, and attempt to hold them still while other zombies make their way over to devour their flesh! What else can he do? Well, Prowlers possess the Homunculus Offensive Action, which says that if the Prowler deals combat damage, one Witch may remove a single wound token. Since it is an Offensive Action, if benefits from Mob! This is great synergy with his Elite, the Shamble Priest, who is in fact a witch! It is worth noting that the Prowler has two (2) Action Points, so he can attempt to use this ability twice, benefitting from Mob each time, and healing any chosen Witch twice if successful! It also allows you to play with other thematic spawn points such as Pumpkin Patch and heal Curse Coven Witches, as well! (That is assuming some serious house rules play, but you are The Consul, and playing the same game every time gets old, so feel free to spice things up!) However, this is a blog meant to spark creativity within The Consul player, and allow you to strategize against those pesky heroes, so do not be afraid to fight back.

House rule Side note — Since the Curse Coven Witch is also an elite, I advise only allowing one (1) on the battlefield at the same time as the Shamble Priest, and cutting out about two (2) of your Swampies, if you feel that the Homunculus ability is something that you really wish to take full advantage of. Also, when/if your Priest dies, feel free to spawn the second Curse Coven Witch, and alternate spawning Witch/Priest when they die in the future.

Onward, to the next unsuspecting Minion!

Pudge, while also only having one (1) ARM, has two (2) HP. If you are like I am, and you allow your Consul to heal (even though it was removed from the Classic Rulebook) then, your Pudges can be a real hassle that MUST have two (2) damage dealt to them in a turn to be put down, only to rise again.) Now, Pudgie, while we love him, can only move five (5) squares. Just imagine, with his large base, that he is some sort of patched together living abomination experiment that just sort of shambles mindlessly toward your heroes. If you can place 3-4 other zombies around a hero, and have them held with Grabby long enough to get your Pudge over there, then you are in business.

Let’s look at what makes Pudge really unique, though. He has an ability that suits him – Gross. Gross allows him to essentially EXPLODE when he is killed. It grants him a FREE OFFENSIVE ATTACK against everything in wave 1 with a bonus 1R to STR. Coupled with Mob, you can roll 5B +1R to hit all heroes in the adjacent 12 squares surrounding your undead a-BOMB-ination.

Now, for unique actions, Pudge has “Disgusting.” This is a Lance three (3) attack, which for a large-based model, is an Area of Effect of six (6) squares. It grants him +1R to STR, and deals Poison upon success! That is intense. Again, with Mob, he can roll 5B 1R against the defense of your affected hero(es), and when it hits, they will be poisoned, which reduces their action points by one (1) (to a minimum of 1). This means they have to get a heart on their next successful attack in order to remove the effect. It is a great ability, especially if you can surround a few heroes and get them in the area of Disgusting. Overall, Pudge is an excellent addition to any Consul turn. The more Lances and Gross activations you can land against your would-be heroes, the better off you will be, and then respawn them and do it again! Pretty straightforward “tank-y” bad guy, that should not be overlooked.

Lastly, our poor little Swampies! The only really good thing about Swampie, is that he only costs one (1) Skull point, so you can respawn them about as swiftly as they die. With 2B attack, they can also reach 5B with Mob, and that is not to be scoffed at! When you can respawn multiples in a turn that can ideally get close to your heroes and roll 2B+ on melee attacks, that makes them a great addition to the arsenal,

All in all, the Zombies are a nice cohesive unit that can put a serious beatdown on your adventuring heroes, if positioned correctly, and if you just look past their awful Armor stats.

House rule side note – Do not be afraid to make your monsters more formidable. Advanced players love a challenge, and after all, it is based on video games, and sometimes the heroes do not win if they are not equipped properly, or are not working together as a team. If you are looking to make it more challenging, consider giving some of your monsters an ARM roll, instead of just the 1W they have. Especially if your heroes have stat-specific loot that makes their personal abilities exceptionally strong! You want them to have a good fight, and actually feel like they earned their successes at the end of the dungeon. While the players may be your friends, the heroes are the distinct enemy of The Consul, and must be treated as such!!

I hope you enjoyed this Monster Review! There will be more next week!

Until next time, this is Super Dungeon Explorer reminding you to join the party, and get the loot!

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