Greetings, Adventurers!

First off, two (2) things –

  • This was my first video with separate voice recording and game sounds, so, hopefully that problem will get addressed better in the future!
  • I had recorded this about 8 days ago, and somewhere between editing and uploading, I seemed to have deleted it, so there are quite a few things that I had that I would not have had at that point in the game — My sincerest apologies for misrepresenting the power level of my heroes.

Now, onto the meat and potatoes! The Supply and Command mission is broken down into quite a few parts. As I mentioned in the video, it is the first four (4) parts, and the next video will be the final pieces! We get some really good cut scenes in this video, and I do an AMAZING job of butchering all their voices, again. Gotta love the unique spin I put on messing up their voices – QUALITY CONTENT!

The Kobolds are back, and they want blood! Did I say blood, I meant wood. They are robbing the mill, catching the town on fire, and just being a bunch of absolute buttholes! You get to pick six (6) party members to split up and take them out in different stages. The first four missions are very straightforward. You go to the mill to investigate with four (4) of your heroes, where you face a few Knuckleheads, Whelps, Flingers, Chuckers, Cutthroats, an Ironblade, and a Priest! Sixteen (16) enemies in total, and it took me about eight (8) minutes. With such a variety of monsters, they are able to get buffs, ranged attacks, and quite a few stabs, so make sure you space well, and try to get them to clump up, so you can really punish them for trying to attack with such a large army in such a small space.

Moving on, we go immediately to the woods, where we face a very small band of Gougers, and ranged attackers. Fourteen (14) bad guys in total in this area, and if you utilize the strengths of each hero effectively, you can take them out really quickly. Not a terrible little second encounter. There are no elites, so I do not believe the loot drops get very good at this part. Maybe in part three we will be able to get some goodies.

The third encounter, we find the kobolds near the edge of town with a cart full of wood, but they busted the wheel off! If you can get first initiative, you can clear out the bulk of these bad guys in 1-2 rounds. There are three (3) Cutthroats that are just begging to be hit by your Fighter’s swing attack, and there are three (3) Whelps and a Trainer that would absolutely love to be slapped in the face with some Mage fire! After you blast the clumped up enemies, the only thing to deal with is the Ironblade, but we have all done that a time or two, so it is no sweat. Also, make sure you deal with the Trainer rather quickly, because whenever he gets a Skull assigned, he makes more Whelps! Eight (8) bad guys in total here, and it only took me about three (3) minutes.

The fourth and final encounter for this video is out in a forest, but someone (or something) has cut down all the trees!! =( With no trees in the way, we can see that we are facing some Gougers, some Cutthroats, and a couple of Black Claws. This is another really straightforward encounter. Three and a half minutes, and only eight (8) bad guys again. After these four encounters, you sort of feel like the entire mission MIGHT be a joke, but just you wait until the party gets back together in the next episode!

Check out the video this blog is about > HERE <

I hope you enjoyed this write-up, and I hope it gives you a good “jumping-off point” for the difficulty of the third story mission – it scales pretty simply for the harder difficulties. If you are having trouble with it on harder modes, perhaps do The Graveyard Shift a time or two more and try for some better loot on your major players, and then revisit it. You will need to be well-stocked, because it is such a long mission, so I also advise getting some more Potion XL’s from the Locked Up mini mission. It is a non-stop grind of all the parts in a row. Do not worry, Part Seven of the story is like, 2+ hours of your life with no breaks! Haha – we will get there, adventurers.


Have a great day! This is SuperDungeonExplorer reminding you to join the party, and get the loot!

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