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Last week I spoke about the Questing Knight, VonWilding, and his shapeshifted form Von Wilder.

This week, I think it is important to talk about another excellent addition to any adventuring party, the Mistmourn Shaman. The Mistmourn Shaman fills most roles in a party. He is an extremely versatile character, who can be outfitted with different loot to place him in whatever capacity you would like him to fulfill in your party. First, we should have a loot at his stats –

STR: 1B 1R – Not the best ever, but easy to tilt over the edge, in order to fill a more offensive, melee role.

ARM: 2R – Exceptionally strong. Able to be placed on the front line with some of the best melee fighters, and keep on kicking.

WILL: 3B – A solid statistic for a magic attack with 6 range. Not to be overlooked, and should be considered his primary attack stat. With the ability to roll so many hearts, it is also good at keeping a party alive when/if his attacks are successful. Range + solid dice rolls, equates to the Shaman being able to fill the role of Blaster, and pick off enemies from safety.

DEX: 2B – For what he is, and having such good stats before this                                                                             one, you should not be disappointed in what 2B is capable of, with                                                                           just a single piece of gear, this can get out of hand quickly.

With just his stats alone, he could be considered a force to be taken seriously. What makes him more difficult to play than other characters, however, is choosing what to focus on. Out of the box, so to speak, his stats would seem to make him a fine Tank. A tank is hard to come by with a high WILL rather than a high STR, which should be noted, due to the range of such a unique character.

If we take a quick look down his card, we see that he is outfitted with the Tough ability, which allows him to remove one wound token at the start of each turn – OUTSTANDING!  With his 2R ARM making him hard to hit in the first place, this will definitely keep him in play, and result in him being hard to kill by The Consul.

Combine all of that information with his ability to hold two potions, which makes him one (1) of eleven (11) heroes to be able to carry that many, which is 23% of the hero pool, but not as impressive as others, since his potion actually takes both of these tokens to activate.

Moving on to his Unique Actions – Outcast Pyre is an offensive action that takes two (2) Action Points, leaving him one (1) leftover to cast his Support Action. With a range of eight (8) squares, it enhances his base six (6) range, and is quite dangerous when you notice that it has a Burst range of one (1) and deals Fire upon a successful attack! Burst 1 means that it hits all squares adjacent to the targeted square, and Fire deals one (1) damage at the start of each turn to all models affected by it. This is definitely a powerful Area of Effect spell, capable of taking out a large number of Consul Minions in one blast, if they are stupid enough to clump up, or if you are a new Consul player, and are not paying attention.

Hell, before you even use Outcast Pyre, you could spend one (1) Action Point to use Ancestral Will. It has a range of six (6), as well, and pushes the target two (2) squares. Hmm, convenient, no? Push something up to eight (8) squares away so it fits in your Burst pattern. Pretty well thought out, if you ask me.

His second Support Action, Spirit Burn, is one of the more vicious abilities in the game. It costs two (2) Action Points, and is only able to target friendly models that are within range six (6). It gives the hero the Backlash ability, and allows their attacks to deal Fire! Backlash in and of itself is sure to cause The Consul to have a bad time, as it allows the affected hero to cause a wound to the attacking enemy upon rolling a successful defense roll. If unable to push anyone into a nice formation for Outcast Pyre, you can push them closer to an ally, and then grant them the Spirit Burn effect, and have them kill the offender, instead. It is also useful to plan on using on the troll himself, since he has such high ARM, you can assume he will win a majority of his defense rolls.

Lastly, his potion. Troll Heart is only a support potion, which cannot be used on the Consul’s turn. Also, as mentioned earlier, it takes both of the Shaman’s Potion tokens. Be that as it may, it grants a friendly model one of the strongest healing abilities in the game in Regenerate. Regenerate allows the model using it to roll 1B for every wound it is currently suffering, and removes one (1) token for every star rolled on the dice. This makes him a superb Healer. While it is a good potion, it is worth noting again that with high ARM, the Tough ability, and the potential hearts rolled with successful magic attacks, he does not necessarily need any more personal healing, so it makes more sense to primarily use it on his allies.


OVERALL – With the exception of STR, his starting stats are extremely well balanced. With the ability to fill the roles of Blaster, Tank, Healer, deal decent Area of Effect damageinflict Fire, as well as grant the Backlash ability with Spirit Burn, the Mistmourn Shaman is probably on par with the Royal Paladin and Princess Malya for power. He does have a low STR stat, but he is not a strength-based character, so that does not factor into his overall power as a hero. If you are looking for a hero to take into battle as part of a two-person team, the Mistmourn Shaman should definitely get high priority. As such, he receives an A+ rating, which puts him in the top ten characters of all time. He can be a tad difficult to pilot, if you are a new player, with all the different options, and trying to decide how to adequately allocate your Action Points, it can be a little overwhelming, but he should not be shied away from.

Thank you for reading my character review for Mistmourn Shaman! I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to leave your comments on how you play the Shaman below. I will see you next week for more Hero Reviews, but until then don’t forget to Join the Party, and Get the Loot!

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