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WE ARE BACK with episode 8. We will be continuing our romp through the Supply and Command, and do the last few pieces of that. We meet some new party members – the Royal Warden, Candy, and the Royal Paladin! We meet so much royalty it is unreal.

The Warden has high move, and a nice crossbow attack that negates our enemy’s shells, which is supreme! His red button attacks are alright, but I do not usually use him as a utility character, and would rather slap everything for three (3) damage with that crossbow.

Royal Paladin is a BEAST! He has high health, rather high Shell, and quite possibly the worst move I have ever seen. His weapon imbues him with the Heavy Slash basic attack, which deals five (5) damage from up to two (2) squares away. A very good blaster-type ability that makes him a boon on the front lines. He comes equipped with two (2) red button abilities, that I am not very fond of. I prefer to switch this out as soon as possible for his blue button abilities, which we will discuss later.

Candy is the mascot of Super Dungeon Explore, so it makes sense that you cannot change her name in Tactics. She is equivalent to the Barbarian in almost every way, and she is another great tank that deals serious damage, just like our barbarian character. She comes with Gut, which deals six (6) to an adjacent opponent, and she deals four (4) damage to two (2) enemies in a straight line from her with her Heavy Thump! Crack! basic attack. Her red button leaves you a little wanting, and I do not usually equip it to her, but in a pinch, it has its applications.

Overall, this fifth part of Supply and Command is relatively easy. There are A LOT of enemies to be dealt with, and they vary in role, so they are quite cohesive. Our Rogue actually died, that is how well-prepared they are. After you take out about the first sixteen (16) bad guys, they decide you need an Ogre, so he spawns with his own cute little entourage of Ironscales.

The ogre is no joke, but we have enough firepower on board to take him out swiftly. Also, take this opportunity to really familiarize yourself with the Ogre, because you will be facing a lot of them in the future. > . <

And with that, we are done with Supply and Command! All five parts completed with minimal hero casualties – whew.

Total time for the fifth part was twenty-six (26) minutes exactly, and we killed thirty (30) total bad guys, dealing a total of 176 damage!! HULK SMASH!

Feel free to check out the video > HERE <

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Thanks for tuning in to this R&D, and I will see you next week! This is SuperDungeonExplorer reminding you to Join the Party, and Get the Loot!

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