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Super Dungeon Tactics – Easy Mode Episode NINE!

We are doing the Farm Hands Bounty today!

While trying to understand the audio problems, I accidentally removed game sounds from this episode. It gets fixed in later episodes. 

We grab our Cleric, Barbarian, Paladin, and Ranger (pretty basic, very effective) and go right in!

There are quite a few enemies of varying purpose in this mission. We encounter some Ironscales, Whelps, Hounds, Knifers, Flingers, lions, and tigers, and bears OH MY!

First things first, we need to focus down these spawn points. If you try to just let them spawn, thinking you can take them all out, you will more than likely succeed, it will just take you a long time. So, in an effort to keep the video short, we focus the spawn points ASAP.

The Cleric is putting in work, today. She actually puts in work for a long time after this, as well. So, the first spawn point goes down under (5) minutes, and by that time, all of the enemies from the top of the screen have come down and gotten right in our way, holding up progress.

Pretty simple, really, everyone does their jobs, and I make it over to the second spawn on the left in about five (5) minutes, as well, and head to the “North” of the screen. Paladin and Ranger get up there first, and clear that out, so we can take out the spawn point relatively quickly, and release some OGRES!

Ogres have pretty solid stats, and are usually pretty hard to handle. With there being two (2) of them, it gets pretty hairy. They come with twelve (12) health, and one (1) Shell, so needing to deal a total of twenty-six (26) damage pretty quickly can sometimes be tricky, if you have not positioned yourself properly.

The Ogre’s abilities are:

Basic Attack – Random Flailing: Deals two (2) damage to all enemies in Wave two (2)

Basic Attack – WHACK!: Deals four (4) damage to an enemy 1-2 squares away

Red Button – Bruising Bash: Deals two (2) damage to all enemies in Cone three (3) & inflicts Weaken two (2)

Blue Button – Regenerate: Heal four (4) at end of round.

Skull action – Scary Roar: When a Skull is assigned, inflict Weaken two (2) and Slow  two (2) to all enemies in Wave one (1) and Push them two (2) squares away.

We take two (2) rounds to deal with the first one, finishing him off on the next round, and then take out the second Ogre in just two (2) hits, from the Barbarian and the Cleric.

Total mission time was almost thirteen (13) minutes, with thirty-eight (38) total enemy kills, with a whopping two-hundred and five (205) damage dealt to bad guys throughout the mission. I’m pretty happy about that.

The gear could not have been a whole lot better for what it was. We received

1x Gold Gem

1x Bronze Weapon

1x Bronze Trinket

36x Consumables (yum)

So, we take our spoils, and we go off onto our next great adventure! Thanks for tuning in. See you for Ep. 10 in a few days!

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