Greetings, Adventurers!

Still no game volume this episode. Next one will be fixed, and that will just be nifty!

More bounties to be had! Before we begin, we are going to equip some of our items that we got in the last episode. The Fighter gets a gem upgrade and a new weapon, which we will be using to smite those who get in our way! With that new counter-attack, that makes him able to strike more foes, so long as we keep his aggro up.

We don our Barbarian in a meat suit, so that she will be super-tasty, as well, and our Mage gets Hermes boots!

Load the backpack, choose our Mage, Cleric, Barbarian, and the Warden, AND WE’RE OFF!

We survey the battleground here, and we are up against some Knuckleheads, Knifers, basic kobold baddies, and another Ogre!

We send our troops to the “South” spawn point, first, and the Ogre and his friends follow the party. It is a little haphazard in the bottom of the screen, as more bad guys continue to spawn, and their Shell proves a little hard to overcome, so we have to double-tap a few Kobolds that I would rather have killed in one shot and moved on to the top spawn point.

As the ogre moves down, I felt it necessary to allocate my Barbarian to the task of mutilating it, and then another one spawns, and it seems like I might not get to him, as he begins to run away.

Relatively easy Bounty. Just make sure not to spread your party too thin, and do not be afraid to let more ogres spawn, because if you focus the top spawn point first, the monsters from the bottom will quickly surround you, and keep on coming. So, it is best to focus down one big enemy with your party of four (4) than it is to try and keep both at bay at the same time.

Also, make sure you keep your AoE character down near the bottom for future spawns, until you get that spawn point taken care of, as well. It is a very tight space down there, so a good AoE character can kill, or at least injure, most of the things that spawn there, making them easier to clean up by the rest of your team before the enemies get too spread out.

Fifteen (15) minutes later, and we are victorious in taking out twenty-seven (27) enemies with a total of One-hundred and eighty-two (182) damage!


3x Bronze  weapons

1x Gold weapon

39x Consumables

I hope you enjoyed this very brief blog post, and if you have not seen the video, you can find it > HERE <

Thank you for checking out my content, and I hope you all have a great day!

In the meantime, this is superdungeonexplorer reminding you to Join the Party, and Get the Loot!


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