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In the last two Monster reviews >HERE< and >HERE< I spoke solely about Minions. Now, Minions are great, do not ever let anyone tell you otherwise. They might be squishy, and seem awkward, but they have a place in the dungeon – and that place is under the feet of the HEROES! So, while they recur an awful lot faster due to low Skull points, nothing quite takes the place of the fearless leaders of the spawn points – the Elites!


I want to take this opportunity to thank the kind people on social media for their feedback, and want to mention that the idea to review all the monsters from one spawn point and then summarize them as a team will be implemented after I clean up these monsters from the last few posts.

So, that means the monsters will still be spread out, but I will do the minions of a spawn point one week, the Elite(s) the next, and do the Mini-Boss and final conclusion in the last “episode,” for cohesion, so we do not jump from one monster type to another, and cover the Elites at a time when the Minions have been forgotten, and so on.


So, without further ado, I will take this opportunity to introduce our guests:

Since we spoke about Zombies the first week, I feel it only appropriate to discuss Shamble Priest first.

He has a lot going on with his card.

2B STR with a melee range of one (1), Average 3B ARM, and a really good WILL of 2R with a magic attack range of six (6) and a decent DEX of 1B 1R that he does not seem to use for anything.

He has three (3) HP, which comes in handy for his Wakey-Wakey ability. He also costs two (2) Skull Points, which causes him to take up half of the available pool that may be spawned each turn, but we will get to the uses of that in a moment.

Onward! To victory! Or, rather, to his unique actions.

Pin Cushion is his only Offensive Action, and it has various things going on with it. Firstly, it has a range of eight (8) and relies on his best stat, and adds 2B to it for an average result of three and a half (3.5) stars! On top of that, it comes equipped with Hookshot, which allows him to negate obstacles for line of sight! Damage from around a corner? Don’t mind if I do. Then, after he rolls his absurdly high WILL attack, and throws shade at you from the other side of the dungeon, not only do you take one (1) damage, but now you suffer from Hex and Bane! Those cause the afflicted model to discard their highest Offense and Defense die respectively. If you are not dead after that, you will wish you were. The good news is that this takes all of his available Action Points, so after he does it, he had better run, because folks won’t stand for none of that around here!

If he decides not to use all of his Action Points for that, he can sink them into his Wakey-Wakey Support Action. This little trick here allows him to summon all those minions you killed adjacent to himself. So, the Consul player can spawn a Shamble Priest in lieu of more minions, and then use his Priest to summon the remaining minions, if planned accordingly. Perhaps, say, 1x Priest and 1x Pudge, and then bring in three (3) Swampies, or however many Prowlers left in the spawning pool, and the rest of the points in Swampies. Now, whenever you summon a minion with Wakey-Wakey, the Shamble Priest loses one (1) HP. So, if he summons three (3) minions, he will die, but you can just spawn him again. If he has one (1) HP, you can summon a Pudge worth two (2) of your valuable skull points, and then he will die, and you can bring him back next turn with full health, and two (2) additional minions! Talk about something that is hard to kill!

Lastly, his Brain Food Support Action is sure to make your hair stand up!  It radiates in a Wave (3), which is an amazing thirty-six (36) affected squares, and allows all the zombies in the wave to make one (1) Melee Attack. Wow, with all the mobbing those zombies do, he can get some serious attacks on a hero that is dangerously close to peril. This takes all of his Action Points, as well, but it is worth it in most cases to ideally have ALL of your zombies attack, rather than him deal one (1) to three (3) damage by himself.

OVERALLI give this elite an A for his useful offensive action, his ability to make a range six (6) basic magic attack at 2R, and his excellent synergy with his spawn point. Three (3) HP is sometimes hard to get off an enemy in one turn, and with him able to kill himself to spawn a different minion, and then come back next turn, his recursion is excellent. If the Consul player can keep the spawn point alive, he is a force to be reckoned with. What holds him back from A+ or Super (S) rank, is his squishy Defense, and the fact that he can only do one (1) action a turn other than basic attacks, or summon other monsters.


Bring forth the SPIDER SPEAKER for judgment!!

I, the judge, hereby find the Spider Speaker GUILTY of having a spectacular movement speed. Combine that with her Surefoot ability, to navigate around the webs that her arachnid friends sling, and her mobility is definitely formidable.

Before we get too far into what I do like about her, let us first discuss what I DO NOT like. Her attributes.

1B STR?! 1B. One (1) LOUSY BLUE?! With no melee attack range at all?! She must be really busy speaking to those spiders, if she can’t get a melee attack off with that crazy staff of hers. 3B ARM is not the end of the world, but it could be worse (Like, 1B o_0). Her WILL is tied with the Shamble Priest, but she doesn’t have a way to boost it like he does. And her DEX is 3B, as well, but since she does not need it, that is irrelevant.

She also has three (3) HP, and costs two (2) Skull points.

Her abilities, are alright. She inflicts poison upon a successful offense roll, which shouldn’t be TOO HARD with 2R WILL (Unless the heroes get gear, and then she seems rather useless) Hope you are advancing your Mighty Monster Chart, Consul player! She is also IMMUNE to poison, so that makes the Cat Burglar from Monday seem kind of useless =p

Dread is a nifty ability. If the Spider Speaker is benefitting from Stealth (just like the Stealth that the Shadow Spinner grants with Shadow Web) then she gains a +1W to offense rolls. That extra one (1) star can come in mighty handy sometimes, so it would be nice if there was a way to get her closer to those Shadow Webs…..

Surefoot means that she can walk through difficult terrain as if it were regular terrain, and that also carries a lot of weight in regards to her spider minion friends, and the webs they weave. Oh, what tangled things they are.

But wait, there’s more! If you look at her Unique Actions, you’ll notice they are all Support Actions. This is a double-edged sword. It means that she is quite good at buffing, and assisting other models, but it also restricts her solely to WILL-based magic attacks if she wants to hit anyone. Since the Dread cannot stack, her offensive capabilities are limited.

First item on the docket is Toxicity. Now, other than being a System of a Down record/single, Toxicity is a great Aura with range three (3). It is reminiscent of the Shamble Priest’s Brain Food, in that it grants an ability to all friendlies in Wave three (3). However, they do not make an immediate attack, they get Poison. I mentioned that them not having poison was strange, but here is what I was alluding to, since she grants it to them. Since this is an Aura, as well, it stays until her next activation, so that she and the spiders can work cohesively through an entire turn. It also only costs one (1) Action Point. One (1) action point to give up to six (6) spiders within a total of forty-eight (48) affected squares the ability to reduce hero actions by one (1) to a minimum of one is damn good. With heroes only having three (3) action points, the ability to take them from them, and take away some of their more threatening actions is a significant boon that should not be looked down on.

Now, as for getting her closer to those webs that grant Stealth, I think it is safe to say that her next ability takes care of that quite well.
Scuttling Swarm allows her to summon one (1) Skull point worth of spiders from the spawning pool adjacent to herself. This is also very similar to the Shamble Priest, and it does not deal any damage to her. So, if you think the heroes are taking out your spiders too quickly, never fear, the Speaker will put them back for you. At one (1) Action Point, that is up to three (3) spiders a turn, which is HALF of the spiders that spawn from the Nest.

Lastly, Spider to the Fly is a support range four (4) ability that places up to three (3) Skull points worth of spiders, from anywhere IN the dungeon, adjacent to target Hero. The only downside to this is that she has to get within four (4) squares of a hero in order for it to work, thus negating her eight (8) move + six (6) range magic attack combo that keeps her out of harm’s way.

It is worth noting that she can do all three of her abilities in one turn. She can summon a spider from the spawning pool, throw down her Toxicity aura, and then throw said spider at the heroes in an attempt to poison them. Now, if she foregoes the aura, she can one (1) spider, throw up to three (3) spiders at a hero, and then attack with her 2R WILL to poison the hero, if she would like to have a higher chance at poisoning them, if there is not enough Mob effect.

OVERALLI give this elite a B-. She is good at her thematics, but with only a single way to attack, and only support actions, even with her awesome eight (8) move, she is such a specific Elite that she serves very few purposes in the dungeon other than spider-buffing. Perhaps if she had a different Status Effect with her successful attacks, and granted Poison in addition, that might get her a solid B/B+. She seems very fun, otherwise, and I can’t wait to pit her and her creepy little friends against the heroes, or against some of the other monsters in a ravishing game of Arena!

I hope you enjoyed this rather lengthy review of these two Elites. I am trying to get caught up on fixing my mistake of jumping around. Tune in next week for a Mini-Boss Review!

As always, this is SuperDungeonExplorer reminding you to Join the Party, and Get the Loot!

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