Greetings, Adventurers!

We continue on our exciting Super Dungeon Tactics quest, with episode 11! In this episode, we embark on another story quest – Story mode part four (4), Bump in the Knight.

Some real quick equipment adjustments to account for the things we have gotten in the last episode or so, and we see our Ranger get a new bow, and then we fill our backpack, and, to quote Genie from Aladdin, “We are outta here!”

Our party this time around will be the Ranger, Barbarian, and Cleric. Small party, but we are going to instantly meet up with our newest guild member – the Knight! He is by far one of my favorite heroes, and we will talk more about his abilities in a later episode, when we get to equip him!

I do some really terrible voice overs, as always, and we learn that the town does not seem to be getting all of their fish, due to kobolds being…. well, kobolds.

I thought the knight was up across both bridges, but he is indeed far to the right of the screen. =] Our enemies this time around were a mix of decent kobolds – Flingers, Priests, Ironscales, and Knifers. But, due to the spawn point that is all the way across the battlefield, and up to the “North,” more of them spawn throughout the mission, in an effort to make our job even harder.

The Knight comes with a terrible ability called “Slow Turtle.” It causes him to gain a little more Shell, but he loses a lot of mobility, and he already does not have much of that, so, while it is fine to give him the blue buttons to have him use his retaliation attack, he loses a vast amount of functionality in the long run.

It takes a bit of doing, but with patience, and some good tactical use of the Cleric AoE, as well as the smashing damage of our Barbarian, we find ourselves killing all of the kobolds, and making our way over to the spawn point at about fifteen (15) minutes in. Also, there are quite a few baddies that appear to be reinforcing from the edge of the map, as well, so by the time we get up there, it is like we have not already slayed an army of things, and we have to kill EVEN MORE! lol

Breaking the Spawn Points yields a Priest, an Ironscale, a Cutthroat, and a Flinger. After everything we have dealt with in this mission, I find that to be slightly underwhelming. They are quite easily taken out, and that concludes our fourth mission, which the primary objective is really to introduce and familiarize the player with the Knight.

I name my Knight Huckleberry, because I personally love that name. =p

Twenty (20) minutes and some change, forty-two (42) enemy kills, and a whopping two hundred twenty-four (224) damage later, we arrive at the end, where we are rewarded with

1x Gold Gem

1x Gold Armor

1x Gold Trinket

63x Consumables

I hope you enjoyed this simple little write-up about a fun story mission. If you have not seen it, then you can go check out the video.

I hope you all have a great day, and do not forget to Join the Party, and Get the Loot! =]

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