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Have I got a treat for you today! Still trying to build hype for all the new Super Dungeon stuff from the Kickstarter, so today I’ll be talking about a Mini boss/Hero character!

Rimefrost Warlord is the hero name for Gothmog the Terrible! 

This is not a comparison article, so we will learn about Gothmog at a later date.

Rimefrost Warlord has quite a few things going for him, but first we will get his basics out of the way.

Six (6) movement points still seems to be the default, and a good number for our wanna-be hero to move. Three (3) action points is the standard, and I would be surprised if he had any more than that.

Now, his stats –

With a STR of 2B 1R, he is a threat to the HP of his enemies, with an average roll of 2.53 stars. Tack on a range of two (2) and that makes him slightly better. It gives him options to strike foes that are “blocked” by other heroes, by standing behind them. His ability, Frenzy really helps this out, too, and we will talk about that in just a moment.

An ARM stat of 2R easily makes him one tough cookie to crumble. That gives him an average roll of 2.4, and only the toughest of enemy models have higher average attack rolls than that, so his defenses are definitely adequate. As a consul player, in an effort to negate this, perhaps put him up against some characters that cause Bane.

2B WILL, with no WILL-oriented abilities is alright. As a Consul player, perhaps pit him up against some enemies that use WILL vs WILL in order to try and get to him, as well.

DEX of 2B as well, does not allow him to be nimble, but since he cannot use it as a defensive attribute, it is slightly negligible. No need to load him up on DEX gear to make it better, or anything.

He has six (6) Hearts, rather than the default of five (5), as well, so with his high DEF, and extra heart, he will be a model to lookout for, and expect for him to stay in play for quite a long time if paired with a healer. His ability to hold one (1) potion is also standard, and we will discuss that in a moment, as well.

So, as for his ability, and how it helps his STR stat – Frenzy allows the Warlord to receive +1R to his offensive rolls if the target is already suffering a wound. That means on a regular, one (1) action point attack, he could roll 2B 2R if the target has already been injured. That raises his average attack result from 2.53 to 3.73. I have not done the math of every enemy, but there are few who have a high enough average defense to negate an attack from an average of 3.73 stars. This places him in the realm of a blaster, for sure. Just a regular attack from him, with three (3) action points, is almost guaranteeing three (3) wounds on a target. Watch out Mini bosses and dungeon bosses!!

As for his abilities, I could be a little more impressed. His offensive ability is most assuredly his best, and the rest of his specials are alright. His one offensive action, Absolute Destruction has a fearsome name for a good reason. It obviously uses his awesome STR stat, and benefits from Frenzy by being offensive, so you will by default be rolling 2B 1R, and ideally rolling the extra red from Frenzy, then the action ADDS ANOTHER red die!! That’s 2B 3R is the opponent(s) are suffering wounds, and an average damage roll of 4.93! It’s hard to stop practically five stars every time you attack! And, the area of effect is a sweep two (2). That is a minimum of six (6) squares with a small-based model. I have not seen him, but if he is a large-based model, then his sweep covers eight (8) squares! Rolling 2B 3R against eight (8) possible enemies is devastating! However, it does add the 1R, so even if Frenzy does not kick in, he will be doing 2B 2R, and that is nothing to snuff at. Then, if Absolute Destruction does not kill someone, he still has an action point left, and he can scoot over to them, and smite them with a basic attack!

I am impressed with the area of effect, and the potentially high dice rolls. This is one of my new favorite abilities.

His Support Action Summon Support is decent. As mentioned, with his melee range of two (2), then he can summon an ally right in front of himself to deal some damage to an enemy, if need be, or teleport that ally out of harm’s way. It has its uses, and it only costs one (1) Action point, so he can still do it after he ABSOLUTELY DESTRUCTS something – lol.

Lastly, his support potion Orcish Brew can give an ally Frenzy. This is very useful, because it says offensive rolls. You can boost the attack of any ally by 1R. If they are using WILL or DEX, it does not matter, so long as that is their offensive stat of choice. It never hurts to buff the roll results of an ally by an additional 1.2 stars! I cannot be too upset that he only has one potion token, but it would sure be radical if he could do this twice! Albeit, maybe a little overpowered.

OVERALL — I will say that the Rimefrost Warlord is an excellent Blaster. He has potential to be a Tank, as well, with his high ARM and six (6) hearts. His Area of Effect is quite good, being able to hit six (6) to eight (8) enemies, depending on his model size. With being able to Control limited hero movements, and buff all offensive attacks of an ally with his potion, I would say that he is definitely tactical, and slightly situational. Without any way to heal, he has to purely rely on good dice rolls (or bad Consul dice rolls) to stay alive. COMBAT ROLE DEFINITIONS

I grade the Rimefrost Warlord as a solid A  

He is an excellent first choice, and depending on your party size, he can easily be supplemented, and he would do well to be paired with a healer, and perhaps a buffer to keep him alive longer, or accompanied by a debuffer, to guarantee excellent dice rolls by keeping the enemies from maintaining high average rolls.

That is all for this week! I am excited to get the Warlord on the table! Let me know if there is anything I missed, or if there is a certain way you can think to deploy this fearsome hero against the unsuspecting Consul!

Have a good day! This is superdungeonexplorer reminding you to Join the Party and Get the Loot!!

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