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Since we wrapped up the Grabby House spawn point, I figured I would talk about the thematic mini boss that also comes with the Stilt Town Zombies warband **drumroll** GRUESOME GEORGE!

Is he not adorable?!

He might be adorable, but his stats sure give me the creeps!

Six (6) move, with a large base, sure causes him to shuffle around like a normal zombie, and reminds me of Pudge. Three (3) standard action points, and a whole slew of actions that cost two (2) points – not my favorite.

Ok, without reading too much into his abilities at this exact moment, if I were a new player, and I was just glancing at this card, I would not think it was a mini boss. All of his stats are blue by default. It would help to at least give him some red dice in there to make him something worth killing. Like, “Hey, he has 1B 1R ARM, and gets better! We should try to focus him down,” or something.

2B STR with range two (2). That is alright, I guess – again, without looking at the rest of him, this just seems like a joke.

2B ARM – same thing. Not impressed.

WILL and DEX do not even factor into him as a character, so they could be 1W, for all anyone really cares.

Now, let us have a look at what makes Jorge tick. First – Immune: All status effects. That is a boon in its own right. He can’t suffer Ice, Bane, or anything, no matter what! There is no way to remove immunity, so that is extremely strong, and it negates a lot of very effective actions that the heroes could be using. So, if you are not a damage-oriented hero, you are pretty much immediately vestigial. Now, if you are a hero brought along for buffing, or healing, you are probably still useful to your party, but George does not care about you, and might even target you first, in an attempt to weaken the team overall.

He has Mob! That is pretty dope. So, he is going to be getting possibly 5B on an attack, depending how many enemies are still left when the spawn point is broken. That could make him slightly more useful, with an average result of 3.33 with 5B. Note, with loot and treasures, the members of the party that will be dealing damage to George will have better stats than that, but it isn’t his only trick. It is worth pointing out, that he has the ability to gain up to three (3) additional blue dice, to coincide with his other actions, and abilities.

Now, what makes George unique – his Static Charge ability. It states that a model with Static Charge gains +1B STR AND +1B SRM for every wound they are currently suffering. This could be cool. With six (6) Hearts, he can be suffering up to five at a time on the hero turn, which would take his ARM to 7B, and an average defense roll of 4.67 stars. Now, with his other ability…

Tough says that he heals a wound at the start of his activation. So, he will never really be suffering more than four (4) wounds on his turn, because if he was suffering six (6) he would be dead. So, he theoretically will never have more than 6B on his own, without mob, resulting in an average roll of four (4) stars. Now, with mob, and the ability to max out his attack at 9B, he averages an attack result of six (6), with a max of eighteen (18) if you are the luckiest person in the world.

So, he has the ability to roll nine (9) blue dice, if everything is going “well,” which if you are suffering four (4) or five (5) wounds, I would not call that well at all. Now, we can dive into his actions, which can be good or bad, depending how you look at them.

He has two (2) Offensive Actions. The first one being Static Discharge, which has an area of Wave 2, and with his large base, that covers thirty-two (32) squares! Throw on the additional +1B to STR, and with Mob, and Static Charge, he could be rolling up to ten (10) blue dice! That is highly situational, though, and for the sake of other things, we can average that out to about six (6) blue dice when using Static Discharge. For an affected area that large, I would say that six (6) blue is plenty, again averaging four (4) stars on a roll, with a maximum of twelve (12). It takes two (2) action points, which is alright for the area it covers, and leaves you able to still try and get one last basic melee in on someone.

His second offensive action Brilliant has a melee range of six (6), which is nice that it uses his STR, still, rather than DEX for that far. Then, it tacks on an additional red die to STR. It also causes him to suffer a wound, so that he sets himself up better for any follow-up basic attacks this turn, but also gets him situated at a +1B ARM bonus.

This is a nice change of pace, and means that he can place himself properly to try and get better mob before the attack, and roll as many blue dice as he can before adding that red one. If we imagine that he is not damaged, and has perfect mob, that is 5B 1R, and only getting better, up to six (6) squares away. With that, he can inflict a wound to most ranged attackers if placed appropriately. Again, it is two (2) action points, but I think perhaps it could have come with Massive Damage and cost all three (3) of his points, so that ranged attackers did not feel so safe against him.

Lastly, his one support action Electic Jolt allows him to heal one wound. While this is extremely unnecessary, because he has Tough, and he gets stronger as he takes damage, it also takes two (2) action points, and does not allow him to do much more. If he is taking two wounds a turn, then I can see this being alright. He heals one (1) wound from Tough, then uses this, and just uses a basic attack to try and damage the heroes. However, if he heals all his wounds and has no Mob left, then he will not deal any damage with his 2B base STR. It could be used AFTER making an attack. Perhaps he has a wound, makes his 3B-6B attack, accounting for possible Mob, and then heals it off. It seems clunky, and counter-intuitive to his “take damage, get stronger” concept, if you are just going to try and heal it off, and have him deal less damage, or have lower ARM, thus taking more damage. I, for one, do not love his Support action.

OVERALL – I find Gruesome George to be a highly specific mini-boss, and think that unless you are going purely thematic, then there are better options that can deal more damage faster. His AoE ability is good, but with only being able to do one unique action a turn, I feel that they should do more damage. As a Consul player, you always want to make the game as challenging for heroes as possible, and I do not think that George fits the “challenging as possible,” motif.

I hereby decree that Gruesome George is a C+ Mini Boss. He has the potential to roll a high amount of dice, thus dealing one damage pretty regularly, but without a way to get multiple wounds onto heroes faster, and the amount of heals and equipment heroes bring into a dungeon, he will never get through the fifteen (15) hearts of a three-hero party, which makes him nothing more than a nuisance that takes a long time to fight with no real challenge.

Let me know how you feel about Gruesome George in the comments below or on social media!

Thank you for reading my first Mini Boss review. I hope you will tune in next week for more monsters. =]

This is superdungeonexplorer reminding you to join the party, and get the loot!!!

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