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I do apologize for the lateness of this post. I got a new job today (Monday, March 19) and I had a friend in town visiting during his spring break. But, I made time for you all, because I love Super Dungeon Explore.

Let’s talk about this walrus-riding dwarf, eh?!

Looks like your standard dwarf on a walrus, to me. =]

This adorable little walrus-mounted fellow was released earlier this month. I think he sold out within about 36 hours or something. So, I figured if he is going to be that popular, I should try and let people make good decisions with him!

His stats are relatively good! I’m impressed with a first glance.

I mean, obviously, he is a large-based mini, so he is hard to maneuver around a dungeon. I think if you were on a smaller, baby-sized walrus mount, that might even be harder!  So, five (5) movement squares seems pretty standard for a walrus carrying a dwarf. I’m not MAD about it, but would I love to see him have even more? Yes. Yes, I would. Like, maybe nine (9) squares would fill my walrus movement quota. =p

He has three (3) action points, and I do not think Soda Pop is giving more than that to anyone, these days, so I will accept it.

Now, onto those impressive stats –

STR 1B 1G – average roll result of 2.66 with a melee range of three (3). That is good. He has a lot of power in that harpoon throw of his, it seems. This helps to make up for his move, as well, since it comes to a total of eight (8) squares.

ARM 2R – average roll result of 2.32 stars. Pretty solid defense, with a max six (6) stars. With all the available loot and treasure to pump that, I can see it getting out of hand pretty quickly. Also, if you use the range from your basic DEX attack, you could possibly avoid quite a few attacks, and not need your ARM.

WILL 1B – not needed. Not graded. If you are going up against a lot of WILL-oriented enemies, he might not be your first choice.

DEX 2R – again, average 2.32 stars, but this time with a missile range of six (6). That is a nice, long harpoon throw with some serious damage potential. Although, it only deals one (1) wound, you can use it three (3) times, and put the hurt on some enemies from your large marine mammal.

As I said, very impressive base stats (except that WILL). I can see how one would be drawn to this blubbery little guy at first glance.

Combine all of that with his seven (7) hearts, and that puts him in a league all his own, almost.  His one (1) potion token is also pretty standard after seeing all of the other things he brings to the table.


Y’know? Taters. Boil ’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew. I am talking hobbits, and this is clearly a great time to insert “And my HARPOON!”

Ok, I got that out of my system. His ability is called Angry Walrus, and he means it. It takes up almost half of the back of his card. It is an extensive ability, as explained thusly:

At the end of the Consul’s power-up phase, the Consul rolls 1B. If no stars are rolled, nothing happens.

If any stars are rolled, the Consul may move the model with Angry Walrus up to one square for each star rolled and then make a basic melee offensive action against any other member of the party in range.

Arcade: the Hero’s controller rolls and must move towards and attack the closest other friendly model if stars are rolled.

So, this is saying that on the Consul turn, they roll a blue die, and if they get a one (1) or more stars, they may move the Tusk Raider, and make an attack against one of his allies. This could be bad, but if your allies all have good gear, I see nothing terribly wrong with it, since he can only move one (1) square and make a melee attack at range (3) rather than his range six (6) Missile. I will openly admit that it is not my favorite hero ability, and I would rather it benefit him more than hinder him, as most other abilities do. It is worth mentioning that you should let the Tusk Raider go first, to see where he will end up after attacks, so fellow activated party members can get away from him, just in case.

Since that is his only ability, it is time to move into his unique actions. He has no support action, but tries to make up for that with his support potion. We shall see how that plays out!

First up – Drag And Chomp. It is a missile-based action, so we start off with our 2R DEX, and we add another red. 3R DEX with pull four (4). So, after we inflict a wound with our missile that pulls them forward by four (4), we hopefully have them in range for our melee attack, because we get to make a basic melee attack on the target! That is two wounds for two action points, and lets us position an enemy in a disadvantageous location. That is worth it. If you have some STR gear on your Tusk Raider, then you can pretty much guarantee that you will deal both of those wounds. The only true upside to this is the pull. I mean, I can just throw my harpoon six (6) squares and not get that other red to DEX, and then make a melee attack, but this synergy makes this a good action, overall. I will also add some style points for the name. =]

His other offensive ability, The Blubbery Doom has potential. It is Melee, so you get to use your STR here. It is also range six (6) in a lance shape, because, y’know… Walruses have a big lance, if you will.  😉 We get to charge, which means we get to move into any empty square that was affected by the lance, thus increasing our move. The Tusk Raider also gets an additional red die to add to his STR for this. Outstanding.

Top that offensive cake off with the support potion Rage-Inducing Musk, which grants Berserk, and a newcomer “Rage Musk.” Berserk means that we get an extra melee attack for free. That is just mind-blowing, when combined with all of his other damage output. However, the Rage Musk allows the consul to roll 1R next turn, rather than 1B for his Angry Walrus ability, So, the chance of the walrus having to move and strike an ally is greater.  This is a good potion to use on an ally, as well, if they are in a better position to strike the Consul! Downside, the red die for Angry Walrus next turn, and it is not an emergency potion.


With his high starting stats, and good heart count, the Tusk Raider fits perfectly into the Tank role right out the gate. His Drag and Chomp puts him comfortably in a Blaster role, with limited Controller capacity. His low movement and large base can be a problem, but it is sort of made up in his missile range, and Charge with Blubbery Doom.

OVERALL,  I grade the Tusk Raider as a B hero. When analyzed individually, he has good survivability, and only really lacks healing and a greater Area of Effect than Lance six (6). With a very small support of healing behind him, he is a menace to any Consul player, and should be treated as Armed and Extremely Adorable!

Thank you all for your patience with this week’s Hero Analysis!

March 20, 2018 is the deadline to enter our very first painting competition in the Discord!

We are actually holding a raffle for your very own Tusk Raider as well in the Discord, so you can check that out! Only twenty (20) spots left as of the time of posting this!

I hope you find the time to Join the Party, and Get the Loot! I look forward to your feedback on this write-up, and hope you have a great day!

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